Can Obama Recover From Exposure Of His Supporters As Anti-Palin Fanatics Or Will They Cost Him Reelection

President Obama himself seems, on the whole, as a decent person, apart from the occasional foray into the inflammatory language that his base is now exposed as using e.g. ‘we will bring a gun if they bring a knife to the fight” and advising his followers to ‘get in their faces’.

It was always understood that there was an element of hatemonger’s in the ranks of the liberal “progressive” left but the degree of mass hysteria, bordering on,in not in many cases actual hysteric neuroses that has been exposed by the Arizona tragedy is stunning and appalling.

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting and with no facts, no justification, no reasons whatsoever in fact the leftist Democrat’s and their enablers in the media went berserk ascribing the event to “conservatives, The Tea Party, Limbaugh, Hannity and most of all Sarah Palin”.

The New York Daily News, in the bastion of Obama supporting liberalism even headlined that Palin herself had “Blood on her hands” in, apart from the equally obnoxious Krugman in liberal la la land, reached the absolute nadir of ethics in journalism.

Daily Kos, Firedog Lake and hundreds of other leftist propaganda mechanisms for the progressive left encouraged and incited their readers to spew forth a torrent of hate bile all in the name of somehow condemning conservative hate raising which, they raged, caused the shooting.

Over the next few days it was clearly exposed that the shooter had no allegiance to any conservative group and was not influenced by Palin (what a ridiculous idea). In fact he had been involved with Giffords well before Palin and the Tea Party were ever heard of.

At that point, with their knee jerk, feral instincts exposed, the left has started to pull back, as they have to as their argument, such as it was, has been exposed as empty rhetoric, and now are pushing the line that even if the shooter was not motivated by conservatives he lived in an atmosphere of hate which “may have pushed him over the edge”.

There certainly is an atmosphere of hate in America and it has been fostered and has grown from the soil of eight years of unrelenting vitriol, hate and ridicule which the left and their media enablers, including the likes of Letterman, have directed at the Bush administration.

Now that the left has, once again done the idiotic thing and victimized Palin whilst stirring up more hated-including death threats, they have burdened Obama’s election campaign with having to defend his administration as resting on a body of support from a great mass of intolerant, bigoted, radical, inflammatory, violence encouraging supporters.

How any campaign can survive the relentless exposure of its supporters as being amongst the worst elements in American society whilst pledging to go forward with a positive agenda for the country is a huge task which may not be possible.

Probably there will be a lift in Obama’s polling in the immediate aftermath which is a too be expected result when there is a national tagedy but as wise heads take stock and reflect of what has happened-and the real reason why, Obama may find his supporters have inflicited disaster on him as well as the overall well being of America.

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Only Lincoln Had More Forces Arrayed Against Him Than Has Palin

There is something astonishing going on in American politics-perhaps in the American psyche. The forces arrayed against an unemployed housewife from a small town in Alaska are at a level unseen since Lincoln’s day. One the one side, Sarah Palin and her small team of supporters, on the other side;

The GOP establishment-witness e.g. Rove/Barbara Bush !
The Beltway media establishment from left and right,
The leftist Alansky aligned Blogosphere
The main stream media-the liberal dailies/ TV&radio networks
The entire MSNBC commentariat
The trash “satire sites” e.g. Wonkette/Gawker,
The leftist magazines e.g. New York Magazine/The New Yorker
The late night television hosts,
The fanatic hate blogs e.g. “Palingates,.”
The nut case conspiracy sites promoting “Babygate”,
The media/bloggers who support various GOP candidates
The trash tabloids and Hollywood gossip “columnists”
The ivory tower academics
The trades unions
The Black left wing commentators
The entire Democratic Party
The Radical feminists

This level of attack, antagonism, slander, psychosis, self-interest, contumely, arrogance, leveled against this one lone woman is at a level unseen since the days of Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was pilloried from all quarters and described in vile terms in respect of his appearance, birth, attitude to slavery, in oaths and epithets which are unprintable. In his case great issues-slavery and the saving of the union were at stake and it is no wonder that passions were so inflamed.

What great issues wracking the nation, what matters of life and death, of personal bankruptcy, of war, are so wrapped up in the person of this one lone woman that such an unprecedented array of forces are arrayed against her?

That Palin can carry on her life with the degree of cheerfulness that she presents, that she doesn’t curse the very morning that brings her light, that she doesn’t simply tell everyone to go to hell, is the greatest tribute that can be thought of in respect of her.

And what has she done to deserve all this opprobrium? Palin wants to see America return to “common sense conservatism” of the Reagan era variety This return to a time of prosperity,when America was honored and respected throughout the world , is apparently, such a dangerous vision that its proponent must be stopped at all costs, and with the full array of every possible resource allied against her.

I for one continue to be amazed and inspired by the courage of this one lone woman and am more and more dedicated to do what I can to lend my small voice to assist her in whatever choice she makes going forward..

Lincoln overcame seemingly unbeatable odds to transform America forever and for the good. Palin, with God on her side and with the unflinching support of those who believe in her message of positivity and American exceptionalism can win no matter how hard the battle.

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Palin To Walter’s “Yes I Can Beat Obama” Facts/Map Prove This Absolutely


Sarah Palin, in a an interview with Barbara Walters (as one of “Barbara Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating People” program ) stated, in response to this question from Walters: “If you ran for president, could you beat Barack Obama?”

“I believe so,”

Yes, she most certainly can, and her belief is well founded on fact as clearly set out in the maps below.

At this point in time the red states on this map (Map 1) appear a lock. The 2010 House election results (Map2) give every indication of confirming this scenario. Thus the 2012 presidential election hinges on Virginia/ Ohio/ Iowa which gives the Republicans, as things now stand, a very good chance of winning. It doesn’t matter how much of President Obama’s anti-Palin base turns out massively in California, and even more so in New York, whose electoral votes are declining rapidly and is now balanced out by Florida.

The biggest question will be if his Black and liberal support in Virginia will hold as it did in 2008-however the loss of Virginia to the Dem’s could be overcome by winning Colorado and Nevada.

The map below is updated, allowing for projected population shifts, by Texas 38 Florida 29 New York 29 Missouri 10 . The totals for the Republicans are 272 electoral votes (270 required)


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“Après moi le déluge” Is An Obama Reference. Can Palin Recover the Situation Or Will It Be Too Late

The brilliant site Tradicion Clasica (translated into English from the original Spanish) considers the expression “Après moi le déluge”, and Its Classical Antecedents in depth with many references to writers of antiquity (as of course befits this most erudite and catholic of sites) including Seneca, Lucretius, Diogenes, Strato of Sardis and numerous others.

For those, sadly, not versed in classical Greek (surely there are not many) there are handy translations into English and for those who prefer more up to date references there is this update “Geraldus Bucoldus translated this ancient Greek epigram into Latin in the Renaissance. In Spanish literature, Diego Hurtado de Mendoza (1503-1575) composed a sonnet which is a re-creation of the epigram”.

In examining the well know phrase, translated into English as (“After me, the deluge”)  attributed to the King of France Louis XV (1710-1774): the editor posits (and goes to to consider both in some depth with support from classical writers) two possible meanings;

1a) On the one hand, if we understand After me the deluge will come, the saying seems to imply, as an assertive affirmation: “After my reign, the nation will be plunged into chaos and destruction.”

b) The verb could also be understood as a subjunctive concession: After me, let the deluge come (it can come, but it makes no difference to me). In this second case, the speaker asserts that nothing that happens after his disappearance matters to him.

 However, there is a third possibility which relates directly to our current,sad and dangerous, political situation and can be said of President Obama. “after me comes the deluge, that is after my election, and due to my inexperience, disconnect with the average person, and what I described as my “healthy ego” the deluge will come during my four years in office not subsequent to them”.

The voters have signalled their concern,or possible panic given the massive size of the defeat inflicted on the he Obama administration the mid-terms, their unhappiness with the economic direction of the country. What has happened after nearly two years, especially in the seemingly intractable employment, housing, deficit and now inflation areas, may just be a start to an even further financial cataclysm-or deluge.

Here is one scenario looking to next year based on the current economic situation;

Marc Lichtenfeld writes: “There’s going to be a massive stock and bond market sell off in the first half of 2011. Not only that, the sell off could cause a worldwide financial disaster, global market crashes and the destruction of wealth that will make the popping of the dotcom and housing bubbles feel like a mild inconvenience.”


Because, quite simply, America is playing a dangerous game of “chicken” with its national debt. And the ramifications are extraordinary. I’m going to explain the situation and give you three ways to protect yourself from this mess before it’s too late…

America’s debt ceiling currently stands at $14.3 trillion. This is the level that, by law, the government’s debt is not allowed to exceed. Trouble is, the government’s present debt has swelled to $13.7 trillion.

This means that at the current rate, we’re on course to smash through that $14.3 trillion ceiling around May 2011 (although it might happen a month or two later, depending on what budget cuts are enacted in the next few months and how quickly they’re implemented). So what will the government do about this? Same thing it’s done almost every year since 1962: Raise the debt ceiling so America can pay its bills.”

For this to happen a bill allowing this has to pass through Congress.Will President Obama agree to spending cuts, possibly including his signature health care program? Will a House vote of a senate filibuster block the passage of such a bill ? If this scenario plays out will investors at home and abroad take fright and abandon the U.S. economy leading to a massive crash? And, even if the debt ceiling is raised, how long can the economy carry on endlessly creating trillions of dollars in deficits before hyper inflation and a crash situation occurs ?

If, through gross mismanagement by Obama/Giethner and Bernanke, the economy crashes-the deluge after Obama’s election, before the ‘commonsense” solutions of President Palin has the chance to put the ship of state back on course, the damage last for generations. The only solution in sight is to pray that the collapse doesn’t come before November 2012, and that if it does, that President Palin can draw on the goodwill of the American people to help and support her through the tough challenges of reconstruction.

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Letterman States False Story About Bush/ Palin

Here is a transcript from Letterman’s show.

 “George W. Bush has a new memoir out and he said in an interview that he thought that Sarah Palin was not qualified to be president. Well, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle of black. Honest to goodness.” –David Letterman.

 Of course President Bush categorically denies he said any such thing. He advised this when he was on Rush Limbaugh’s show recently. There is no such interview on record where he said  this about Palin.

 This is another of those “I can see Russia from my house” made up stories. And another one of the “unattributed” tales from a “Washington insider from the Republican Party” which must be hit hard until the lib’s drop the falsity.




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World Edges towards Financial Insanity.Near Bankrupt Ireland Can’t print Money So Goes For “Quantative Cheesing” (And Palin is Ridiculed calling For Common Sense?)

No I am not making this up-how could anyone? This is “economics” straight out of the world of the Bavarian Republic’s  Cabinet Minister Professor Zip  of glorious memory.

“The Irish agriculture minister, Brendan Smith, said the free cheddar scheme was ‘contributing towards the well-being of the most deprived citizens’. A caller to RTÉ radio asked, ‘have they taken leave of their senses?’

The country may be a few heartbeats away from intervention by the International Monetary Fund but today the Irish government had a novel message for the public: let them eat cheese.

Brendan Smith, the agriculture minister, announced a European Union-funded scheme today that will enable the country to tuck into the EU’s cheese mountain. 53 tonnes of fresh cheddar will be distributed from 15 November with collection centres in towns and cities around the country.”

And this highly ironic, but salutatory column gives further background on this sad state of affairs, from the highly entertaining Nadeem Walayat, a regular contributor to the financial blog Market Oracle Walayat said: 

“An exhausted Irish Government devoid of any new workable solutions to the spiraling debt crisis, unable to print money and inflate their way out of debt are instead announcing policies the likes of Quantitative Cheesing, which literally boils down to handing out parcels of cheese from the European Unions Cheese Mountain to Irish families to consume or trade as opposed to handing out money which they are unable to do. This is no joke, as a 55 ton handout of E.U. cheese is heading for Irish towns and cities, which does not exactly send a message of confidence to the financial markets as to the state of the Irish economy.”

 America has the ability to print money and debase the currency.The idea being that banks,which are currently hoarding money,will be forced to lend it as it will lose value sitting in their vaults so to speak. Thus the economy will receive, at last, an injection of funds which will go to create jobs.

 All well in theory but in practice the banks,instead of lending to small business/home purchasers do not have to take any risk with this money they can simply send it offshore. They can get high rates o f interest in Australia for example or they can use it to finance business ventures or real estate in the hot economies of Asia.

 This of course exactly why President Obama got such a poor reception at the G20-these countries,which are overheating already e.g. China, do not want a huge pile of hot money pouring in and creating a bubble which will inevitably lead to a crash. Of course if that happens, the last bastion of economic growth for America to export to will collapse, leading to a further recession for the US economy.

 With the US currency still a reserve currency (for the time being) America has the option of riding the recession out without cutting spending to the point where, like in Ireland, the economy goes further into recession. Neither does it have to endlessly print money which leads to inflation, as Sarah Palin pointed out, or worse, to stagflation. If, when the 2008 financial crisis hit, the rotten firms and banks had been left to go out of business and the natural business cycle had been allowed to let new, better firms and finance companies take their place, and the government had immediately cut taxes to ensure spending power went to where it was best used and needed, then we would not be in the seemingly intractable unemployment and stagflation situation we are in.

 The tax cut option, is still the best way forward-Palin’s “common sense solution”. There is an alternative however, the USA can, like Ireland, become a beggar nation-perhaps the Chinese can send us mountains of noodles?









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RNC Chair Steele Challenged By Anuzis.Let Anuzis Prove He’s Not A Front For The “Stop Palin” Old Guard.

The first challenger for Michael Steele’s position as Chairman of the RNC has surfaced, Saul Anuzis of Michigan, a previous candidate for the role who was defeated in 2008.

In his statement of intent Anuzis says, inter alia, “Chairman Steele’s record speaks… for itself.” Yes it does and is proven as he goes on to congratulate Republican candidates on the “Historic victory we achieved on election day.” He does not give the credit to Steele for that historic victory but as Hindenburg said when asked who was responsible for a great victory achieved over the Russians, Ludendorff or himself “I don’t know who was responsible for the victory, but I do know who would have been charged with the loss.”

Anuzis finds fault with Steele-apparently the victory in 61+  congressional seats was not good enough, the GOP should have won the senate too which loss describes to a lack of funding and being beaten by the Dem’s GOTV capacity.

Apparently the GOP lost in “Countless Congressional and legislative districts” for this reason.”Countless”? The Republican tide smashed through Dem seats which had been held for years and which were deemed untakeable.This sort of hyperbole is unacceptable as it is a ridiculous statement unfitting to one seeking such an important office.

The other aspect that Anuzis hints at is the high profile of Steele. “We will only win if the Chairman of the RNC steps out of the limelight” and he goes on to ascribe his role as a “nuts and bolts” Chairman.In reality this old guard, old fashioned image is totally out of touch with a hugely important development in the fortunes of the GOP, the influx of Black (32 of whom stood for the GOP) and Hispanic voters and candidates.

 “These are not just people pulled out of the hole,” said Timothy F. Johnson, chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, a black conservative group. That is “the nice thing about being on this side of history,” he said. He added that the candidates might be helped by the presence of Michael Steele, the chairman of the Republican National Committee who is black and ran for the Senate himself in 2006.

But even with that invigorating infusion of an aspect that has been missing from the GOP “since reconstruction” and the victory of high  profile Black congressional candidates Allen West in Florida and Tim Scott in South Carolina there is a danger. The attachment is tender, and perhaps tenuous, as reflected in the comment by high profile Black Republican Aprill Shines that although the GOP has embraced many more Blacks and membership is up  “Though the Republican party has seen growth of black membership rise from 5 to 15%  it does not seem to be indicative of accepting black leadership to correlate with black votes”.

How would the removal of the first high profile Black to hold executive office in the GOP help to remove the perception that, although Blacks are welcome to fetch water they are not welcome to organize the water gang, even if one of their number has led the party to an almost unprecedented victory?

How would the replacement by a bland “nuts and bolts” Chairman counter the, guaranteed to be used over and over,'”racist” hit job by radical leftist Dem’s and their  enablers in the liberal media. “The real opposition to Obama is based on racism not matter how the Republicans try and cover it up-just look how quickly they dumped Steele once he had served their purpose as a token counter weight to President Obama”. Nothing could be surer than that is exactly what they would do and say.

According to commentators the campaign against Steele is being led by the GOP old guard, especially Karl Rove. Rove is perceived as ultra-establishment and no friend of Palin’s. If the Beltway Boys plan is to remove Steele, a noted Palin and Tea Party friendly Chairman, as a way to stop Palin getting the nomination, it will be a costly and Pyrrhic victory. Not only could it lead to the Tea Party creating a third party for 2012 which would of course ensure the crushing defeat of the GOP, but it could seriously erode the nascent entry of Blacks back into the party of Lincoln.

For Anuzis, and any further challengers to Steele, they must state how they would deal with this potentially catastrophic loss of both Blacks and Tea Partiers. They would also have to prove that they are not in anyone’s pocket. Anuzis says ” I will not be taking sides in the presidential primary” he and other contenders should prove it by categorically disassociating themselves with the  anti-Steele, stop Palin cabal which is being described as led by Rove.

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Anti-Palin Tweeters Wetting Themselves Over Gallup Poll Which Is Actually A Big Improvement Over Fox Poll

The anti-Palin Tweet brigades has rush to get their thumbs into action tweeting like Berzerkers over a new Gallup Poll which shows Palin “at the lowest favorables too date. If they would calm down in their PDS and look at the facts they would see in the Huffington Post Pollster site a different story.The Gallup tracking poll has Palin at  40% Favorable to 52% Unfavorable.The Pollster aggregate poll of polls has her at 38.5/50.9 so Gallup actually shows an improvement in her favorables !

Not only that  the most recent Fox poll (see Pollster chart)-which some might expect to be biased towards Palin actually has her at 35/53.And in contrast to Gallup the latest (no friend of Palin)  Associated Press poll has her at 46/49.

As I showed recently, the trend for Palin in the aggregate is unmistakably upwards.One poll,whether positive or negative should be ignored-which of course the PDS haters find impossible.

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New Poll Chart Shows The Exact Point Palin’s 2012 Victory Run Began

In June 2010 Sarah Palin reached the nadir of  her popular support as measured by the aggregate of polling firms as collected by  As this is an aggregate it is unimpeachable and reflects no bias, except possibly that of polling firms, but even that is smoothed out across so many polls.

 The chart since then is showing a slow but steady rise, which is the best rise, as it reflects a positive, considered reflection on behalf of the public rather than a kneejerk reaction, one way or the other, to some event.

 Of particular significance is the fact that in the two latest polls Palin’s unfavorable rating has fallen below 50% which in the case of the latest AP-GfK poll represent a five point drop allied to a five point rise since their last poll, taken less than a month previously. At this current pace it would seem inevitable that by election day 2012 Palin’s ratings in this poll would see her favorables well into positive territory. Certainly the current polling gap between Palin and President Obama is, on these trends, a minor matter, and is approaching the margin of error.

 Nb.I have filtered out the  CBS poll which one glance at will show why-it bears no relation to any other poll in the chart as regards methodology. But even with it included the trend is still very much the same.

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Polifact Supports Palin’s Food Price Rise Premise But Gives A “Barely True” Rating.More Elitism

In discussing the difference in world view between the economist Reddy and Sarah Palin who is speaking for the person in the street I said the basic difference is one of non-comprehending elitism on one hand and dealing with the raw facts of life that the average person struggling on a budget has to deal with.

 The core of the argument was that Reddy said that figures show groceries have only gone up a small amount i.e. 1.4% whereas Palin said they have risen significantly (with more to come). One is an out of touch academic one has her finger on the pulse of reality for the common person. I said previously that Reddy’s statistics refer to a basket of commodities many of which are none essentials. Palin speaks from the heart about basic essentials-milk, beef etc.

 Politifacts has taken it in itself to be the arbiter in this discussion and-lo and behold here are the facts (we presume Politifacts is correct as there is no Politifacts Politfacts to check up on them).

 One point (also mentioned by Reddy) is that certain grocery items increased faster than others — and that included some staples. CPI data showed that the price of butter increased by 19.1 percent during the 12 months ended Sept. 30, 2010, while the price of bacon rose by 15.7 percent, lamb increased by 9.4 percent and milk increased by 8.3 percent. Meanwhile, BEA statistics show that certain broad food categories rose faster than the food-sector average: a 3.4 percent increase for meats and poultry, a 3.4 percent bump for milk, dairy products and eggs; and a 2.8 percent hike for sweets and sugar.

 All of these items, in other words, rose a whole lot faster than food inflation generally. And it’s simply human nature for a consumer to feel like prices are rising quickly if you have to pay increases like that every time you enter the checkout line. As long as you’re paying through the nose for milk, the brain tends to forget that the dried lentils you just bought are down 5.5 percent, and the peanut butter you just bought is down 5.1 percent.

 The second point is that even if food prices are flat or rising slightly, Americans are living through a period of stagnating or contracting incomes, which means even slowly rising prices hurt.

 In total, Americans tend to spend about 11 percent to 12 percent of their income on food, with a small majority spent on food at home and the rest spent at restaurants. Over the last three years, the food-at-home portion of that spending — the only part relevant for judging Palin’s statement — rose from 6.4 percent in 2007 to 6.5 percent in 2008 to 6.8 percent in 2009.

 In spite of confirming the obvious drift of Palin’s remarks Polifacts still endorse the elitist viewpoint and gives Palin a “barely true” rating.For those in the real world at the check out counter the view would be much much different. We must be grateful for small mercies however and this should be the final nail in the coffin of those who have attacked Palin for defending what is common sense to the average person.



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